CARNELIAN STONE ENTERPRISES (CS Media NG x CS Media PR) is a full-service creative communications, media and advertising agency located in Ilorin and set up to provide brands with communication aids that restores brand vitality, motivation, and to stimulate creativity. We are a result-driven agency that leverages on in-depth marketing research and tailor-fit strategies that suit each client’s needs through rigorous ideation for creative traditional media adverts and strategies for digital media campaigns. Our measurement of success is all round improvement of our client’s image and increase of their market revenue.


•Advert Content Creation and Distribution on Television and Radio
•Print Advertising (Newspapers, Posters & Billboards)
•Digital Media Advertising and Social Media Marketing
•Brand Identity Development (Visual Representations, Company Profile, Website)
•Influencer Scouting & Relations
•Below the line advert strategies

Clients we have worked with in one capactiy or the other.

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